Customize your T-shirt

We customize garments from a single unit.

Download our templates to work on the right size or create your own document..

Sizes for T-shirt and Basic Sweatshirt.

T-shirt and sweatshirt Print 1/2 plate 15x35 cms (Width x Height)
T-shirt and Sweatshirt Print 1 plate 30 x 35 cms (Width x Height) 
Tote Bag Printing 1 plate 25 x 30 cm (Width x Height)

Send us your file is 300 dpi in jpeg.
Buy the custom product you want and send the file with your order number to
We will review your design and make sure it is viable. In case it is not so we will get in contact you to help you solve it.

Our garments have an ethical and ecological guarantee.
Images sent in RGB format can undergo tone changes when printed in CMYK.

Orders of several units.

 T-shirts 1/2 plate printing DTG printing

1/5 und 15,0€ 
6/10 und 13,5€ 
11/15  und 13,0€ 
16/20  und 11,0€
21/30 und 10,5€ 
31/50 und 10,0€ 

 T-shirts 1-plate printing DTG printing 

1/5 und 18,0€
6/10 und 16,5€
11/15 und 16,0€
16/20 und 14,0€
21/30 und 13,50
31/50 und 13,0€

Sweatshirt 1/2 plate printing DTG printing 

1/5 und 25,0€
6/10 und 23,5€
11/15 und 23,0€
16/20 und 21,0€
21/30 und 20,5€
31/50 und 20,0

Sweatshirt 1-plate printing DTG printing

1/5 und 28,0€
6/10 und 26,5€
11/15 und 26,0€
16/20 und 21,0€
21/30 und 23,5€
31/50 und 23,0€

Tote Bags with 1 plate DTG printing 

1/5 und 11,0€
6/10 und 9,5€
11/20 und 8,5€
21/30 und 7,5€
31/50 und 6,0€

Designs that are typified as hate crime, racist exaltation, attacks on minorities or immigrants, aggression against animals, preconstitutional symbology, Catholic national or Nazi (socialist national) are not allowed.

For orders of more than 50 units consult, long runs in traditional screen printing.

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