If you are a rude skakero boy but more rural than urban this is your sweatshirt. The classic image of Ska music adapted to the rural world. We may not be in Jamaica or Bristol but we look for life as best we can and the same streets as terraces.

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During the 1960s, in the ghettos of Jamaica the term Rude boy was born, generated by the recent independence. Being a rude boy at that time meant it meant fighting to be someone. Diskjokeys like Prince Buster played music with their Sounds systems and the competition between these gave rise to the birth of 'rudies', to prevent the dances from being invaded and dissolved by other 'rudies' in the pay of musical competitors. The infamous 'dance hall crashers', which often happened in that World of the 'Rude boys' in Kingston and later in England.

The rude boys danced ska differently, they did it more slowly and with a more imposing posture. Connecting with people who lived on the edge of the law and this was reflected in their music and lyrics.

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