If you are a true fan of The Masters of the Universe, you already know everything you need about Skeletor and you want this hoodie. If not, keep reading and when you finish and you know who Eskeletor is, you will love her too.

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Skeletor was a wizard who lost the skin of his face fighting against King Randor of Eternia, Adam's father (He-Man), leaving only his emaciated skull becoming a kind of powerful lich, who seeks a way to seize power and the secrets of Castle Grayskull. His original name is Keldor, King Randor's older half-brother, who decided to follow the path of magic to help defend Eternia, until Hordak dragged him into the Dark and began to practice dark magic in order to conquer the Grayskull secrets. At the same time, the Horde of Terror decided to invade Eternia. The supreme leader of the Terror Horde, Horde Prime, sent his brother and his second in command, Hordak, to carry out the attack on Eternia. The Terror Horde swiftly attacked and enslaved most of the Eternians. The Horde Troopers of the Horde of Terror investigated the planet, in search of the hidden castle.

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