If you are part of the VHS generation you had a holy tape with one or two movies that you watched over and over again.

Probably with the announcements of the shift chain. Although some of us sat in front of the video to stop recording when the commercials started and hit the REC again when they finally finished. That approach to the video nun with push buttons turned into a love for movies or video clips through the effort necessary to preserve something broadcast on the ephemeral Public Television.

Do you remember you had recorded on that tape? now you can make a sweatshirt with your favorite tape by customizing the label.

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Current generations will never know the pleasure of analog copying. Current multimedia consumer platforms allow us to review a movie, stop it, rewind it, even change the language, something unthinkable in the 90s. Those of us who already comb gray hair remember to swallow infamous programs prior to what we were interested in so as not to miss anything, call a friend running (Well, to his house, where one of his parents would probably pick up) to warn that a movie was being broadcast that had not appeared on the super TV forecast or in the archaic teletext. So here is our tribute to how we knew cinema for a generation.

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