Alternating current vs direct current, the fight of a genius and a smart guy. From a visionary who wanted free energy for all and from a capitalist patent thief who just wanted to rock and fill his pockets. Yes, we are from Tesla, from this one, not from the brand of the posh megalomaniac that Lex Lutor could be.

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Anyone interested in science knows these two figures, the genius Nikola Tesla and the vivid entrepreneur Thomas Alva Edison. Time has put everyone in their place. Nikola Tesla was a Serbo-Croatian inventor, mechanical, electrical and physical engineer.

He is best known for his numerous inventions in the field of electromagnetism, developed in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Thomas Alva Edison was an entrepreneur and a prolific inventor, he was considered the most important inventor in America.

He developed many devices that have had great influence around the world, such as the phonograph, the movie camera or a durable incandescent light bulb. Much of the latter's patents were based on studies of the former. Edison is considered to have appropriated many works from Tesla.

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