Rice with things is not Paella. Not any combination is valid and this is something that all Valencians know. We say it, we repeat it, and we put it on hoodies if necessary.

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We are from Valencia, and here the traditional one is chicken and rabbit, admitting some variations such as duck (if it is a special celebration) with essentials such as garrofó and rojet, also artichoke in season, this small type of licenses fall within the tradition.

Paellas should not be underestimated, it is true that there is not a single recipe, in Alicante they use ñoras, peppers and pork, from time to time and depending on the house, even chickpeas. And it is delicious. Castellón Paella also has pork (rib), pepper and even peas, although I have seen less of the latter. There is paella with mandonguilles and pepper, there is arroz del senyoret, negre, a banda ... many combinations as deep-rooted as they are delicious ...

But friends, NOT EVERYTHING IS GOOD. And being who we are and where we are from, the land throws us and we had to say it: RICE WITH THINGS IS NOT PAELLA.

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