This "manga" tells us how Eren's life turns into tragedy after the attack of a Titan that creates a huge crack in one of the protective walls of the Maria wall. The protagonist watches in horror as a Titan eats his mother and his father disappears after giving him the key to the basement of his house, and orders him to return to his home one day. After this, he vows to kill all the Titans and enlists in the army along with his friends.

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Written and illustrated by Hajime Isayama from September 2009 by Kodasha until its completion in December 2020, with a total of 135 chapters. The broadcast of the anime began in April 2013 and ended in 2021. In the first pages or minutes (if you are more of the Anime) the premises of this fictional world are clear, presenting a lot of questions that will be cleared while they present us with good characters built and charismatic that you will want to know more about. If you do not know this work, it is time to read it or press play.

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