If you are a reader of horror and science fiction, you undoubtedly know Lovecraft, the American native of Providence, father of the Cthulhu myths. Now you can also have it in a cup.

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Now you can get a T-shirt that does justice to his legacy. Howard Phillips Lovecraft was born in Providence, Rhode Island on August 20, 1890 and died March 15, 1937. H. P. Lovecraft, was an American writer, author of novels and stories of horror and science fiction. He is considered a great innovator of the horror story, to which he contributed his own mythology (Cthulhu), developed in collaboration with other authors and still in force. His work is a classic of cosmic horror, a trend that departs from the traditional theme of supernatural terror (Satanism, ghosts), incorporating elements of science fiction (alien races, time travel, existence of other dimensions). Lovecraft also cultivated poetry, essay, and epistolary literature. He is considered one of the most influential authors of the 20th century in the genre of fantasy literature.

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