If you are a reader of horror and fantastic literature, you undoubtedly know Poe. Now you can also have it in a mug.

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Edgar Allan Poe is a master of terror and one of the writers who has worked the short story with the most mastery. He is considered one of the pioneers of science fiction, so he is one of the fathers of the genre that we love the most.

Poe is known for his mastery as a writer in the horror genre, but he is not only a forerunner of police and science fiction stories, he is above all an author of short stories, a genre always considered minor but that Poe raised by demonstrating its potential and restoring prestige. Orphaned at a very young age, his parents, itinerant stage actors, died when he was only 2 years old, so Edgar was raised by John Allan, a wealthy Richmond businessman. This allowed him to access a good education, until in 1827 he was expelled from the University of Virginia due to his fondness for gambling and drinking. After which he anonymously published his first book Tamerlan and Other Poems and from then on he would not stop writing until his death after a truly unhappy life bathed in alcohol in 1849.

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