Join the Mandalorians, be a Bounty Hunter. Or at least have breakfast like one with our mug.

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He is part of the best body of bounty hunters in the galaxy. The Mandalorians are the predominant ethnic group on the planet that gives them their name Mandalore. They are a primarily martial people, although during the Clone Wars a pacifist and reformist faction led by Duchess Satine Kryze did appear.

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Mandalore is the Nirvana from Star Wars and The Kid is the kid on the cover of the Nevermind. In this delirium our Baby Yoda cannot be caught with money, but with eggs from "the passenger". Ah! How could the eggnocide...

Ōzaru 大 猿 - Great Monkey - is a skill that allows the Saiyan with their tail to become a giant ape if they expose themselves to the light of the full Moon multiplying their power their power.
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