We all know the Inges and their tireless industry.

Without knowing another world than work and without being able to break the dynamic that surrounds them, these friendly beings continue to pursue an end that was unattainable in principle, while the Fraggle take the opportunity to eat their buildings.

Are the Fraggle anti-capitalist agitators or gentlemen who live off the effort of the workers? The only sure thing is that the cInges are Working Class.

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In Fraggle Rock there are three types of inhabitants, the ones that give the series its name:

Fraggles about 30 cm high, colorful and with a distinctive plume on their tails. They live carefree eating radishes and the buildings of the Inges.

Giant hairy goris about 7 meters high. It is ultimately Fraggle-hating farmers who steal all the radishes they can. They live with "the mountain of garbage" and with two rats, Filo and Mena.

Inges small humanoids about 15 cm tall, green and unlike the fraggles dedicate their lives to work and industry. Fraggles often eat their buildings (made with radish candy).

At this point there are two readings, those who defend that the Fraggle are the wisest and have managed to work the minimum to survive. And those who defend that (regardless of what the author raised at the beginning) the Inges are working to maintain an upper class that takes what they want without respecting the work of others, maintaining a dynamic that is based on exploiting their fellow citizens. Inges without any option to advance rebuild their structures again and again.

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