The Valencian Country in its history was a fertile land for bandits, particularly in the 19th century. Some of the raids of these bandits left indelible marks on the culture of our towns and regions. Surviving their exploits and baptizing streets and squares with their nicknames. On February 22, 1874, for example, the "robatori de Benimassot" (in the Comtat) took place. 34 men known as "La Companyia de segregadors de la Marina" under the leadership of Tona de Pedreguer, locked up all the attendees in the church on Sunday at the time of mass. With the exception of the 9 most wealthy neighbors who were accompanied to their homes that were looted without an iota of violence. Many of these bandits such as El Campaner de Xàbia or Els Pansits created serious problems for the French invaders and their government based in Valencia.

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A bandit (also called a bandit, encartado, brigante, criminal, highwayman, fugitive, rustler, criminal, outlaw, or outlaw) was an armed robber. He was dedicated to smuggling, rustling and kidnapping. In general, they assaulted wealthy travelers in unpopulated areas, forests, and dangerous mountain roads, which facilitated their concealment and dispersal. They did not usually act alone, but organized in groups. Its equivalent at sea is the so-called maritime piracy or banditry.

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